June 16, 2015

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Niveen AbiGhannam Ph.D.

Researcher Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin
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Niveen Abi Ghannam studies the strategic communication of scientific knowledge and the relationships among science, society, and media platforms. Niveen studies such interactions from the perspectives of both science communicators and the public. She is especially interested in the role of scientists as public communicators and the individual and societal factors that drive their public engagement. She is also interested in understanding how the general public seeks and shares scientific information and the drivers of such behaviors. Some of her recent work includes understanding and predicting scientists’ public engagement via traditional and new media platforms, understanding people’s motivations to attend informal science lecture series, and understanding how the public uses scientific information to cope with significant life events. Her dissertation takes a gendered approach to study the discourses by which female science opinion leaders (science bloggers and science writers) communicate with their publics.

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