June 16, 2015

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Hyeseung Elizabeth Koh

Researcher Ph.D. Student, University of Texas at Austin
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Hyeseung Elizabeth Koh is interested in exploring the impact of persuasive messages on health and environmental risk perceptions and behaviors. To design persuasive messages, she studies when, how, and why people seek and process health-, environmental- and science- related information. In particular, she investigates the roles of emotions in their information processing and decision making. In her Master’s thesis, she examined the roles of prior recycling behavior and discrete emotions in the relationship between social norms message and intention to recycle. She is also interested in exploring the role social and cultural norms play in information seeking and decision making. Some of her recent work includes identifying factors that influence scientists’ willingness to partake in online public engagement, exploring college students’ health insurance information seeking, examining the interaction effects of subjective norms and risk perception on information seeking behavior, identifying factors that influence risky behaviors such as texting while walking, and investigating the effects of communication accommodation and non-accommodation behaviors between young home health professionals and their older clients.

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